When using AI manga translation tools for Korean manga, manually screenshotting and uploading images can significantly improve translation results. Here’s why manual screenshots are recommended for Korean manga and their importance.

Limitations of Thumbnails

Auto-generated thumbnails often do not provide ideal translation results. Thumbnails typically have lower resolution and lack details, making it difficult for AI to accurately recognize and translate the text. This is especially true for complex dialogues and detailed images where thumbnails fail to provide sufficient information for the AI.

Advantages of Manual Screenshots

Manual screenshots ensure each image meets high-quality standards, providing adequate detail and clarity. This allows the AI to recognize and translate text more accurately, enhancing overall translation quality.

How to Manually Screenshot

1. Tool Choice: Use high-quality screenshot tools, such as built-in system functions or professional screenshot software.

2. Screenshot Tips: Ensure the images are clear and the text areas are not cropped or blurred.

3. Resolution Settings: Use a high-resolution display to take screenshots, ensuring image quality.

Practical Tips

After taking screenshots, preview and check the clarity and completeness of the images, ensuring each one provides the best translation results.

Following these methods can significantly enhance the AI manga translation tool’s ability to process Korean manga, resulting in more accurate translations.

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