When using AI manga translation tools, the clarity of the uploaded images is crucial for accurate translation results. Here’s why avoiding blurry images is essential and how it impacts AI translation.

Impact of Blurry Images

Blurry images severely affect the AI’s ability to recognize text, leading to inaccurate translations. Blurriness causes the text edges to be unclear, making it difficult for the AI to correctly identify each character, resulting in translation errors. Moreover, the lack of detail in blurry images hampers the AI’s understanding and processing.

How to Ensure Clear Images

1. Photography Tips: Ensure sufficient lighting when capturing manga images and use autofocus features.

2. Scanner Settings: If using a scanner, choose high-resolution settings and keep the scanner glass clean.

3. Image Processing: Use image editing software to sharpen the images and improve clarity.

Practical Tips

Preview and check the clarity of images before uploading, ensuring no blur or distortion, especially in the text areas.

Following these steps ensures that the AI manga translation tool can accurately recognize and translate the text, improving overall translation quality.

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